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National Fitment Solutions provides a comprehensive range of vehicle accessories, including but not limited to Smash & Grab Tinting, Canopy sales, fitments & repairs, Rubberising, 4×4 accessories, and Electronic vehicle accessories. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the industry, our team of highly skilled installers is committed to delivering the utmost quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in ensuring that our clients receive the most suitable products at competitive prices while maintaining a high standard of service excellence. Please find below some of our most in-demand services and products.

Architectural Window Films

Architectural window film, also known as window tint or window film, is a thin, multi-layered sheet of polyester material that is applied to glass surfaces in buildings. Some common uses and benefits of architectural window film include Solar Control, UV Protection, Privacy, Safety, Energy Efficiency & Glare reduction. Available in Reflective, Non reflective & Safety Film

NFS Polyshield | Polyshield X | Polyurea

Polyshield X Polyurea Lining

The latest technology in load bin protection. These coating are prominent on the new generation Ford Ranger load bins and is vastly superior to standard Polyurethane coatings in moisture resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance and durability.

Smash & Grab Tinting

Safety film for vehicles, also knows as smash & grab film, is a clear or tinted adhesive film that is applied to the windows of a car, bakkie, or SUV. This film can provide several advantages of safety film for vehicles, including Protection from broken glass, UV protection for cars, Increased privacy in cars, Reduce glare on car windows and Enhance aesthetics.

Apex Auto Shield | smash & grab | safety film | anti smash & grab
air-con regassing | aircon regassing | regas aircon | ac regas | national fitment solutions

Aircon Service & Regas

Most of us expect our aircon to work without a second thought, but when warm air comes out of the vents it’s a nightmare. Servicing your vehicle’s aircon annually ensures that your aircon always performs at its best. Book your car in for a full aircon service package for only R485.

Canopy Sales & Repairs

We offer aluminium, stainless steel and fiberglass canopies for a wide variety of vehicles. Our qualified team of experienced fitters are ready to install your canopy and make your bakkie look amazing! We also offer canopy repairs including gel coating repairs, general repairs, window replacement and more. We are proud fitment partners Andy Cab, Ram Kappie & RSI Smartcap.

Canopy Sales & Repairs | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl
Bakkie Accessories | Nudge Bar | Sports Bar | Roll Bar | Side Steps | vehicle accessories | Bakkie Spotlights

Bakkie Accessories

We offer a wide range of high-quality stainless steel accessories for various vehicle types. The range of accessories include nudge bars, sports bars, bull bars, side steps, cattle rails and towbars as well as aesthetics such as spot lights, flared wheel arches, light covers, bonnet guars and more.  

Vehicle Tracking

Tracker Authorised Service Centre.

Tracker gives you the freedom to explore your world. With an innovative range of services, Tracker ensures that you and your family or business are cared for and protected. 

Vehicle Tracking | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl
Load Bin Rubberising | Polyurethane

Load Bin Rubberising

Load bin rubberising also known as spray on polyurethane bakkie linings are an increasingly popular bakkie addition. With the constant bumping, scraping, scratching and general abuse that load bins are under, it’s an important feature that helps protect against wear and tear. We use the highest grade products and unparalleled workmanship to ensure your load bin will be able to work as hard as you do. 

Load Bin Covers

We offer a large variety of bakkie load bin covers such as Securi Lids, Superior Load Covers & Aluminium Frame Tonneau Covers for most bakkies on the road. 

Securild | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl
Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Car Audio

We offer a wide variety of vehicle infotainment systems, touch screens and speaker systems (speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and more) installed by professionals to ensure the ultimate in car entertainment experience. 

Vehicle Security

Vehicle security upgrades can include features such as alarm systems, GPS tracking devices, central locking and gearlocks to prevent theft and unauthorized use or access of a vehicle. These upgrades can provide added peace of mind and potentially lower insurance rates.

Alarm Systems
Electronic Vehicle Accessories | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl

Electronic Vehicle Accessories

Electronic vehicle accessories such as reverse cameras, park distance sensors, spotlights and more can improve the driving experience and make a vehicle safer. These accessories can be installed on a large variety of vehicles and provide added convenience and safety while driving.

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