Air-con regassing: what you need to know.

If your air conditioning stops working, more often than not it can be resolved quickly and easily with an air-con regas. Most of us expect our air con to work without a second thought, but when warm air comes out of the vents on one of the few scorching days of the South African summer, it’s a nightmare. It’s usually not this drastic – you’ll probably find that over time your air-con system doesn’t work as well as it did when new. That’s because it needs regular maintenance, which many of us fail to do. Fortunately, it’s not an expensive or difficult job to keep your air-con working properly with a simple Air-con Regassing. 

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Servicing your vehicles aircon annually ensures that your aircon always performs at its best and greatly increases the lifetime of the working parts of the aircon. Book your car in for an aircon service & regas package for only R485.

Our service package includes the following:

  • Extracting all the gas from the system and checking for leaks.
  • Sucking a vacuum to remove moisture that can cause corrosion.
  • Replacing lubrication oil.
  • Refilling the gas to manufacturers specifications.
  • Inspecting the auxiliary belt.
  • Clean Polyn Filter. (We will notify you if it needs to be replaced)
  • Rechecking the system afterwards and measuring to see that all related pressures and temperatures are within specification.
How often should you get your air-con checked and regassed?

Most manufacturers recommend you service your car’s air-con every two years or so depending on the climate and operating conditions. Due to the South African climate. we suggest an annual check to ensure everything is working at optimal levels and prevent any damage to the system. A poorly-functioning air-con will make it more difficult to demist windows in winter and could work the engine harder, thus using more fuel, so it’s not worth putting off a system check. When your car’s air-con is given a service, we also check the system’s lubricant level and replace the old refrigerant gas with new gas up to the required level. We also perform a vacuum test to check for any cracks or leaks that could prevent your air-con working in the future.

air-con regassing | aircon regassing | regas aircon | ac regas | national fitment solutions
What happens if I don’t regas my air-con system?

If you don’t regas the air-con system, it will gradually become less efficient, making the car uncomfortable in hot weather, and take longer to demist the windows in winter. Not regassing your air-con system will be bad for it in the long run too, with pipes likely to crack and parts likely to seize up if it isn’t used. At National Fitment Solutions we only use the highest grade R134A refrigerant gas and German engineered equipment to ensure the best possible quality and peace of mind. If you are unsure about when last your aircon was checked or if you would like to book your vehicle in for a aircon service and regas, give as a call or fill in the form below and we will gladly assist.

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