Electronic Vehicle Accessories

Electronic vehicle accessories such as reverse cameras, park distance sensors, smart mirrors, spotlights and more can improve the driving experience and make a vehicle safer. These accessories can be installed on a large variety of vehicles and provide added convenience and safety while driving.

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Park Distance Control

Park Distance Control (PDC) is a vehicle safety feature that uses ultrasonic sensors to alert the driver of obstacles when reversing or parking. It can help to prevent collisions by providing audio and visual warnings of nearby objects, and some systems even have the ability to automatically brake the vehicle if a collision is imminent.

Reverse / Front Facing Cameras

Vehicle cameras are a safety feature that are installed on vehicles to assist the driver while reversing or parking. It displays a live video feed of the area behind or in front of the vehicle on the car’s dashboard screen, making it easier to see obstacles or other cars. This feature can help to prevent collisions and make parking safer.

Electronic Vehicle Accessories | Reverse camera | vehicle camera | national fitment solutions
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Spot Lights

Spot lights are a type of auxiliary lights that can be installed on a vehicle to provide additional lighting in a specific direction. They are typically mounted on the front or top of a vehicle and can be aimed in a specific direction to help the driver see better in low-light conditions or to illuminate a specific area. They are commonly found on off-road vehicles, trucks, and construction equipment.

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