What to we offer?

We offer a large variety of bakkie load bin covers such as Securi Lids, Superior Load Covers & Aluminium Frame Tonneau Covers for most bakkies on the road. Bakkie load bin covers are protective covers that are designed to fit over the open bed of a bakkie. They are typically made of durable materials such as canvas, vinyl or aluminium and are used to protect cargo from the elements and prevent loss or damage during transportation. 

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Tonneau Covers

We supply a large range of Aluminium Frame operated Clip In Tonneau Covers. This tonneau cover works with an aluminium frame that fits on top of the ridge of the load bin. The tonneau cover clips into the frame to ensure a snug perfect fit to make any bakkie look absolutely stunning. They fit onto just about any double cab, extended cab and single cab bakkie.

Securi Lid

Securi Lid products are Engineered to secure your peace of mind, delivering a security accessory that is built tough for durability and ensuring quality that will enhance your lifestyle ventures. Strong, durable and dependable, securing your peace of mind. Enhance your lifestyle ventures with an accessory that ensures quality but is built tough enough for all challenges.

Bakkie Load Bin Covers | Securild | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl | Securi Lid | Securild
Securild | National Fitment Solutions | Fitment Centre Located in Paarl | Securi Lid | Securild
Securi Lid Features
  • Integrated Channel on the Side Rail accommodates the mounting of accessories.
  • Side locking with new sleek handle.
  • The Lid retracts offering an adjustable mid-stop position.
  • Under-rail accessory channel for attachment of Cargo Rail Clips.
  • Available in two Colours – Black and Silver
Superior Load Bin Cover

The Cargo Load Slider was designed to create easily accessible storage space in your load bin for tools, coolers, luggage, gear, boxes, and more. This new, easy to clean, light cargo slider fits in most pick-up truck beds and other vehicles as a universal cargo slide solution. Engineered in South Africa for both on and off-road tough conditions, making the loading and unloading of your tools, toys or any other materials considerably faster, safer and easier.

Bakkie Load Bin Covers | Superior Load Cover | National Fitment Solutions

Our professionally trained installers have more than 15 years experience in installing load bin covers which provides peace of mind that the product will be installed perfectly every time. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to order your canopy. Alternatively, fill in the form below and one of our knowledgeable sales consultants will contact you ASAP. 

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