Which Bakkie Accessories do we offer?

We offer a wide range of high-quality stainless steel bakkie accessories for various vehicle types. The range of accessories include nudge bars, sports bars, bull bars, side steps, running boards, towbars, as well as aesthetics such as flared wheel arches, light covers, bonnet guards and more. We are a proud fitment partner for ARTAV Stainless Steel, & KEKO. Most products are available in both polished stainless steel and black stainless steel. 

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Nudge Bars & Bush Bars:

Artav Stainless Steel manufactures a wide range of tubular and oval-tube nudge bars, tri bumpers and bush bars with specific vehicle branding, for nearly all 4×4s and SUVs on the South African market. Each nudge bar is designed and tested for air-bag compatibility and comes with a comprehensive insurance policy. The design department also runs endurance and vibration tests before signing off any new nudge bar for manufacturing.

Sports Bars:

Our popular range of sports bars is a definite must for all 4×4 owners looking for great value for money. These products follow the standard sports bar design and utilise black rubbers on oval side plates which display the vehicle name completed in Domex decal with automotive sealant. All Sports Bars are endurance and vibration tested to ensure only the best quality for our customers.

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Side Steps & Running Boards:

Dubbed the perfect side step in South Africa, our oval double-tube side steps have a wide oval step and a large step pad with added tread for grip. They have been load tested to 200 kgs. We also offer Aluminium Running Boards with rubber inserts finished in silver or black. Fitted with a non-slip rubber inserts to prevent slipping and scratching of the finish. They also reduce the amount of road debris and dirt on paintwork.

Cattle Rails:

Our Cattle Rails are perfectly designed to fit with each vehicle model bin. Our Black Stainless range is manufactured from 409 series stainless steel which Artav manufacture themselves through their Tube Mills, ensuring the best quality material. This is then powder coated to ensure long lasting durability.

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The towbar is typically fitted to the rear of the vehicle, attached to its chassis. It is used for transporting or towing caravans, trailers and other vehicles. There are either fixed or detachable towbars available. They come in two styles – the flange and the swan neck tow bar. The flange is the most widely used towbar. vehicle. We offer Brink, Bosal and Artav Towbars for a wide range of vehicles.

Our professionally trained installers have more than 15 years experience in installing these accessories which provides peace of mind that the product will be installed perfectly every time. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to order your product. Alternatively, fill in the form below and one of our knowledgeable sales consultants will contact you ASAP. 

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