Advantages of safety film for vehicles

Safety film for vehicles is a clear or tinted adhesive film that is applied to the windows of a car, bakkie, or SUV. This film can provide several advantages of safety film for vehicles, including:

  1. Protection from broken glass:

In the event of an accident or impact, safety film holds the broken glass together, preventing it from shattering and causing injury to the vehicle’s occupants. This added layer of protection can save lives in the event of a crash and also prevent injuries from flying glass. The film also acts as a barrier to keep occupants inside the vehicle in case of rollover accident, keeping them from being ejected from the vehicle, which is one of the leading causes of death in rollover accidents.

  1. UV protection for cars:

Safety film also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage and fade the interior of the vehicle over time. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time in their car, such as truck drivers or delivery drivers, who are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The UV protection can also help to prevent skin cancer, making it a great option for people who are at a higher risk of developing this condition.

  1. Increase privacy in cars:

Safety film can also be tinted to provide increased privacy for the vehicle’s occupants and to deter potential thieves. This can be especially useful for people who often leave valuable items in their car, such as laptops or expensive bags. A tinted film can make it harder for thieves to see what is inside the car, making it less likely that they will attempt to break in.

  1. Reduce glare on car windows:

The film can also reduce glare on the windshield, making it easier to see while driving. This is particularly beneficial for people who drive during the day, when the sun is at its strongest, or for people who live in areas with bright sunlight. This can help reduce eye strain, making it easier to focus on the road, and reducing the risk of accidents caused by glare.

  1. Easy maintenance of safety film:

Safety film is easy to clean and maintain, and does not interfere with the operation of electronic systems such as GPS or automatic car washes. This means that car owners do not have to worry about additional maintenance costs or the need to remove the film to use these systems. Additionally, the film is durable and can last for several years, making it a cost-effective solution for car safety in the long run.  To protect your safety film when cleaning your windows use the following steps:

  • Spray warm, soapy water or an appropriate cleaner on the window. 
  • Wipe the cleaner off with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. 
  • Use a towel to remove any leftover cleaning residue on the window’s borders.
  1. Aesthetics enhancement:

Safety film can also enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle. The film can be applied in different shades, from clear to dark, which can give the car a sleek, sporty look. This is a popular option for car enthusiasts and people who want to personalize their vehicle. The different shades we offer are shown below. The lower the number, the less sunlight is allowed through the safety film.

Vehicle Tinting | Tint Shades | Smash & Grab Tint | Smash and grab | Smash & Grab Shades

In conclusion, safety film for cars is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for enhancing the safety and security of a motor vehicle. It provides added protection for the vehicle’s occupants, UV protection for cars, increased privacy in cars, reduced glare on car windows, easy maintenance of safety film, and aesthetics enhancement. With so many benefits, it is clear that safety film is a valuable investment for any car owner.

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